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Amazing Grace JDRF One Walk 2023
Viewing Amazing Grace JDRF One Walk 2023
Amazing Grace JDRF One Walk 2023

Amazing Grace JDRF One Walk 2023

$157.40 raised of $2,000.00 goal

Feb 22, 2023 to Apr 29, 2023
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Gracie Lou Meyers is our hero and T1D Warrior.  We are fighting Type One diabetes, a relentless disease together as a family.  Please join us to support Grace in her battle against T1D.  Grace is strong, but tough days happen and she is strengthened by your kind words and displays of support.  It helps her to have a loving hand to hold from a sibling or friend. When she sees you wearing her walk shirts or diplaying a JDRF sticker it gives her hope.  Every small act of kindness brings a renewed sprirt and helps her fight on.   The JDRF Walk renews the hope in each one of us that one day there will be a cure and we can talk about the "old days" when Grace used to have T1D.  The walk is also an amazing show of community and a beautiful display of the strength that lives inside each T1D warrior. 

Type One diabetes is a 24 hour/365 day job.  Grace's pancreas stopped producing insulin- a hormore essential to turning food into energy.  Grace works hard to constantly monitor her blood sugar and keep herself in a safe range to live life to the fullest.  Grace wears a constant gulcose monitor and an insulin pump  to asssit her in balancing insulin doses with food and activity.  Grace will not grow out of having Type One diabetes and it will not "get better".  Living with T1D means there are no days off and currently there is no cure.  Our team is walking to help JDRF create a world without Type One diabetes.   We are humbled and honored to have your support. 


  • The Meyers Family March 7, 2023
  • Anonymous April 17, 2023

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