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Conquer Cancer Through Faith
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Conquer Cancer Through Faith

Conquer Cancer Through Faith

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May 3, 2023 to Dec 30, 2023

My ultimate goal is to conquer cancer through faith.

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In November 2022, I received a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis after being admitted into the hospital for an abdominal hernia. I was completely unprepared for the news, and it left me feeling a mix of emotions. I never questioned God why me because I knew I needed to find the courage and will power to win this battle. Since the early part of January 2023, and after a series of Biopsy’s, MRI’s, EKG’s, Imaging’s, and Blood Labs, I have been receiving chemotherapy and estrogen treatments as well as bone infusions which cause me to have side effects. The little things we take for granted can now be challenging for me like opening doors and/or jars, carrying groceries, getting up from chairs and/or bed, being fatigued after walking 15 minutes, unable to eat at times and sleep, and shooting nerve pain. But I push through those challenges through faith and with the help of my cancer support group. And I truly feel that with the medical knowledge of my oncology team and my strong faith in God, I am confident that I will win this battle.

About me:

For most of my life, I have raised my son alone, taking care of his basic needs, education, and financial and medical obligations. Despite not having gone to college, I did attend a business trade school, and have always worked in office administration and operations. I was always able to support myself, even during the financial economic crisis this country experienced in recent and past years, which included me being laid off from my job for a period of time. And since the covid shut down of 2020 and with the record high cost of housing, food, gas, utilities, and insurance, I have been working three (3) jobs just to make ends meet. But I can truly say that throughout my financial struggles, I have always made a way to support myself and my son, never asking for financial assistance.

But since receiving metastatic breast cancer diagnosis I can only work one (1) job now. My body is not allowing me to take on additional jobs due to the side effects. I never imagine myself making a choice to pay my medical, pharmacy and co-pay expenses or paying for my cost-of-living obligations.

I am asking for financial help to pay half of my hospital expenses so that I can establish an affordable payment plan for the balance. Whatever you can donate would truly be a blessing. 

May God be with you all!


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