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Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center
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Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center

Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center

$166.00 raised of $2,500.00 goal

Jul 15, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021
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Bridgehaven serves women and men in the circumstances surrounding pregnancy, especially unplanned pregnancy.  We are proud to be part of the story of so many families from years ago and continue to be honored to serve the many clients who come to us each day, as well as those we serve through schools, businesses and other organizations in our community.

Without the help of generous hearts, we cannot educate, support or empower the young people and families we work with.  Many clients have nowhere else to turn.  We provide services no one else does and are willing to work with clients who have been marginalized.

Your help allows us to provide not only material support, but also a relationship with clients that allows us to connect them with other agencies in the city.  With your assistance, we are able to empower choices for life.

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