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Campbell's Mission Trip Fundraiser
Viewing Campbell's Mission Trip Fundraiser
Campbell's Mission Trip Fundraiser

Campbell's Mission Trip Fundraiser

$100.00 raised of $2,500.00 goal

Nov 16, 2022 to Jun 5, 2023
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Hi! I am Campbell McKee, a High School Student from Frisco Texas. I attend Blue, Frisco First student ministry. Two years ago, God called me to something bigger then the plan I had for myself. He called me to be a missionary!! From this time to now, I have tried my very best to say "YES" to every opprotunity He has given me to serve His kingdom. I am not perfect and have probably missed many signs from Him. But I am trying my best to just simply say "YES". This summer, I have been given the opprotunity along with my church to go on three mission trips. I will be returning to The Appalachian Mountians, for the third year and serving as a High School Leader in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As well as going to serve the people in Alaska!! I pray that my youth group and I will be lights of the Lords kingdom (Acts 13:47) and can serve His people well.  I am so excited to be the hands and feet of God this summer! It would mean so much if you helped me and God willing, the people of Alaska, Appalachia, and Tulsa to say "YES!" to God! 



  • Anonymous November 17, 2022

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