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Fostering CP

$1,072.20 raised of $25,000.00 goal

May 11, 2023 to Aug 30, 2023
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Our foster son joined our lives in December of 2022. He has spastic quad cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dystonia, clonus, and is on continuous oxygen. We have spent all the money that we can on a wheelchair van, accessible space, ramp, stair climbing chair, and portable oxygen concentrator. We live a very active lifestyle and want to provide our child with all of the opportunities that he has never had before. We spend a lot of time outdoors. We also are encouraging growth in our child by consistent therapy. We are hoping to get things like an adaptive swing for him to play on, different strollers and bikes that will allow him to do outside activities, and are on the waiting list for a device that will assist him with walking. We also live in Colorado and would love to be able to take him to participate in winter sports if possible, which they have created a special seat for skiing/snowboarding. We also are hoping to put in an overhead lift in his space so that as he grows, we will be able to move him safely within the space we have had built for him. Our plan is also to adopt this amazing boy and want to give him the best life we possibly can. Any help is very much appreciated. 


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