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Oct 26, 2022 to Jan 31, 2023

On April 6, 1999, Greg Lance was arrested, charged, and later convicted of a double homicide that he did not commit. Greg and his loved ones, including his daughter who was born after he was incarcerated, have been fighting for his freedom ever since.

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Greg Lance was convicted in a 1998 double homicide that took place in Cookeville, Tennessee. With no physical or DNA evidence, the State of Tennessee convicted an innocent man of murder, taking him away from his pregnant wife and family. Almost 24 years after his arrest, he has never seen his daughter outside of prison walls. Although he has always remained instistant and steadfast of his innocence, his appeals have been denied relief at every phase.

Greg was convicted with no DNA evidence linking him to the crime, an alibi for the night of the crime as well as other important dates and times that the State relied on to suggest that Greg was the man responsible, and on the testimony of 4 of his friends and acquaintances, who would later go on to either recant or admit to others that they had been pressured by the police and offered deals for their own alleged criminal charges relating to drugs, domestic abuse, and outstanding child support payments. 

Over the last few years, Greg's case has piqued the interest of some very noteworthy wrongful conviction investigators, including lawyer and NY Times Best Selling author, Rabia Chaudry, whose investigation into the Adnan Syed case on her podcast Undisclosed, helped uncover evidence that was used to exonerate Adnan after serving 23 years in prison. Rabia, along with her co-hosts Susan Simpson and Colin Miller, reinvestigated Greg's case in a 12-episode season of Undisclosed.

Additionally, Greg's wrongful conviction story was covered on an episode of Sundance's It Couldn't Happen Here, hosted by Hilarie Burton. After the episode aired, two new people came forward with information about the case and have since signed affadivits. One of them claims that his own father, someone who many believe is the strongest and most likely suspect, had admitted to being responsible for the murders.

On November 16, 2022, Greg's lawyers will be back in court, petitioning to have the State test the DNA and fingerprints on items found on and around the crime scene, including on the murder weapon. The State, determined not to have this evidence tested, has filed a 50 page response, arguing that it doesn't matter if the DNA or fingerprints are not a match to Greg, because even if he didn't commit the crime himself, he is likely responsible for whoever did - despite the fact that at trial, the State argued that Greg was the "sole perpetrator" of the murders. 

It is evident that the State is not confident that any evidence able to be tested will be a match to Greg, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep an innocent man in prison, rather than be forced to admit they made a mistake and re-open the case. 

As Greg and his family, including his amazing daughter, Rebecca, and incredible mother, Joyce, continue to fight for his freedom, they are honored and humbled to have the support of anyone willing to help! 40% of each purchase will be donated directly to Greg to help continue to pay for his legal defense fund.



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