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House of Hope

$208.80 raised of $5,000.00 goal

Aug 11, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021
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Mission Statement: “Encouraging, equipping, and empowering women and their families to live healthy and free lives.”

Who We Serve: House of Hope serves motivated women from diverse backgrounds who know they are not living to their full potential. Each of them has the desire to grow and change the way they are living and/or heal from the past.

How this Fundraiser Helps: It adds to this story by inviting more women to join in through scholarships, classes, and freeing up finances tied to mortgage. Your gifts make this ministry happen!

What Happens at the House of Hope: A Personal Transformation Story

“It’s like walking into a dream you always think exists; you can just never find it…and there it was.”

The “dream” that Debbie discovered was God’s unconditional love, grace, and faithfulness – wrapped around the work of one amazing house and the women who embody its mission.

When Debbie came to House of Hope, she was battling intense anger issues; anger that stemmed from childhood abuse and a stream of physical assault that continued into her adult life.

“I knew there was something that was still inside me, that I had to get rid of but didn’t know how,” says Debbie.  “I felt like I had given up. I was at the end of my road. I was 53 years old and empty.”

When Debbie became a resident at House of Hope, she immediately sensed the love and support of the women who work there and who provide Gospel-centered freedom.

“It was all these angels in the House who were there for you no matter where you turned,” she says. “They were never too busy, they were always there.”

With the support of the staff, Debbie enrolled in House of Hope’s Ultimate Journey Phase I class and Boundaries class, and began seeking the professional spiritual counsel of Hope of Hope’s therapist, Laura Pelechek.  With steady and persistent encouragement, Debbie began to feel and believe in the overwhelming love and goodness of God – declaring it over her life and releasing anger and resentment.

“I learned how to feel love and see love firsthand,” says Debbie. “After all the things that happened to me growing up, one of the things I have always prayed for is just to know what love is – I wanted to know what it felt like before I died…and He showed me.”

“God sees you right where you are, that’s one of the biggest things I learned,” she says. “To trust God and patiently wait for His timing. God is with you. He always is and His promises are real.”

Debbie is now working with a House of Hope in North Carolina that serves troubled and broken teen girls. She also volunteers through her church’s children’s ministry and food pantry.  Though she has left the refuge where much healing took place, her experiences with House of Hope continue to reverberate in her daily life.

“When I left House of Hope the staff gave me a framed picture of the House,” says Debbie. “They had written on it, ‘You will always be a part of us.’ Whenever I think of home, I think of the House of Hope.”


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