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May 8, 2022 to Jun 30, 2022
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Hello my new friend. My name is Lindsey, and I am happy to meet you. I wish I could ask your name and a little about your story. Since I cannot in this setting, I would like to share with you a bit of my story and why I am creating this page. When someone shares with me, I consistently listen for what the bottomline is in their words. I like to cut to the chase first and then fill in the details. That is what I will do here. 

I have written a non fiction book for teenagers who may feel that they did not or are not receiving the support and guidance that they need from their parents. There can be any number of reasons why this is the case, so there is no judgement for their parents. However, I have a huge passion to help teenagers avoid the many pitfalls that life throws in front of them to assure that they can make it to adulthood safely and have the best life possible where they have a strong sense that they are living life well. This page is thus founded to be able to publish that manuscirpt. I have a publisher lined up that said they would love to publish my book, but I need the funds to start the process.

As a teen, I made some super important decisions for how I wanted to live my life. They were decisions that guided my daily choices and set me up to receive some seriously amazing wisdom from God. I filed these memories away in the category of "things I will one day share with my children." However, as a woman who has not yet met a man that she wants to hitch my wagon to, I have not had children of my own. I have been a foster parent, where 19 different children have been in my care for varying amounts of time, so though I haven't had my own, I have definitely seen first hand the damage done in a child's life when they don't have at least one adult leveraging who they are to help to help guide, shepherd, and love them.  

I started writing this book before I became a foster mom as a way to grieve the fact that I would not have my own children. It was my way of documenting what I would have liked to have said. As I continued fostering, eventually there were four children that from the moment they crossed the threshold of the house, felt like they were mine. These four completely changed the motivation of why I was writing. Suddenly, I wanted any and every child who needed and wanted to feel loved and learn some hard won wisdom from a woman that if she had been given the blessing of birthing them as her child, would have felt like she was one of the most blessed women in the world, to be able to receive that. I wanted to replace my desire to share with a small handful of children for a better dream of sharing it with as many around the world as would receive it.  

This book is the loving mother's voice to speak truth into a teen's life, to guide them, point them to the true Lover of their souls, and encourage them to let Jesus work in them to bring out all they were created to do and be. I want every teenager, 21 and younger to know that they are loved, wanted, special, unique, and have 100% worth and value, no matter their behavior choices.  

Interestingly, when I asked other adults to pre-read my manuscript, the feedback I received was that no matter the age or gender of the reader, no matter what age it was intended for, it is a love letter from God's heart to any of His kids who find they need some healing in their heart from things they didn't receive from their parents. Turns out this book isn't just written for teens. Just like our Daddy says, it is for "whosoever will!" 

As someone who has experienced God's healing of my own heart, soul, and mind, I want that for any and every child of the King of Kings. 

If this ignites in your heart a fire/vision for the healing and wholeness God would like to bring to each and every one of His kids, then my request is that you would give as He leads. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the above. I very much appreciate you!


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