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Support For Georgia Camp

$2,836.60 raised of $15,000.00 goal

Oct 2, 2023 to Dec 31, 2023

Complications post amputation have kept Georgia in the hospital for more than 70 days. Her care team is confident that she will be returning home soon, but her older split level home will require some costly modifications to accommodate her new disability

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Georgia is a fighter and through her battle has remained determined to regain strength, return home, and get back to her family and church. With the great sense of humor and genuine love Georgia is known for, she has given her all - facing and overcoming each challenge with grace and grit.

On July 27, our brother, Russ, took Georgia to the emergency room with a fever, a side effect from the infection in her foot. After being admitted and given strong antibiotics, her professional team realized the infection had gotten deeper, making its way into the bone itself. As a result, on August 4th, Georgia underwent a below-the-knee amputation of her left leg.

While the surgery went well, Georgia began her recovery process in the ICU where closer monitoring was available. After a few days, she began to experience pains in her stomach. For all of those who know and love Georgia, you know how tough and stubborn she can be. Despite those wonderful characteristics, a CT scan was performed on August 9th and showed an immediate need for the removal of a large portion of her colon. Had she waited another 24 hours, her professional team confessed it would have been the end of her fight. Her abdomen was left “open” for a few days allowing the surgical team to later reassess and evaluate if there were signs of further disease. Finding none, Georgia went back into surgery on August 11th to close her abdomen and place a temporary ileostomy.

After riding a rollercoaster and facing one challenge after another, Georgia remained in the ICU for two additional weeks, moved to the surgical floor to continue healing, and finally, on September 1st, moved to the 6th floor for inpatient rehabilitation. 

 Georgia has remained in the hospital facing complications regarding the healing of her wounds. Despite that, her professional care team, family, and friends are all confident that she will return home soon. However, she will be doing so without a prosthesis and without the ability to first make the necessary modifications to their older, split-level home.

Russell has been an amazing support person and advocate for his wife as has her sister, Amanda. They both have been there for her every day to comfort and encourage her. Georgia and Russell are both such a blessing to others, always willing to give and do anything for anyone in need. When asked how we could help “Team Geo,” Georgia looked at her leg, laughed, and said, “We should call it team Eileen!”  And with that, Team "Eileen" was born. Yes, she does lean, but always has…on the Lord! He is the foundation by which they both stand and always will be. 

More than anything, we ask for prayers for Georgia’s continued healing now in and in the future, prayers of gratitude for how He has healed her thus far, and prayers that He continues to heal so she may carry on blessing those around her. 

In addition to prayers, if you are able to find it in your hearts to make a financial donation, we would be forever grateful. Our hope is to bless Georgia and Russell with the needed funds for a front-door entry ramp, stair lift to their upper level, modifications to their main bathroom providing a walk-in shower, and assistance with ongoing medical expenses. If you aren't able to make a donation today would you please take a moment to share Georgia's story through the link below?  

Please be sure to also check out some of the awesome products that are offered for sale through CauseTeam. This fundraising platform is doing wonderful things for people locally as well as around the world by their generosity! 

Thank you in advance for your support and prayers, they feel the love every day. 

The families of Russell & Georgia Camp

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” 

Proverbs 3:5



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