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Full-Featured Online Fundraising 

A CausePage is an online fundraising campaign for good causes; a place to share your story, a page completely dedicated to your cause; a link to share, making it ultra-easy to invite others to support your efforts in doing some good.  

Ideal for someone who has...

  • Fundraising goals
  • Supportive networks
  • Social media accounts
  • 100% commitment

Recommended campaign length: 30, 60, or 90 days.


Product Fundraising

  • 40% donated from each purchase
  • High-quality apparel & merch
  • To keep or to gift, that is the question


  • Cash only donations
  • No platform fees
  • Easy way for supporters to give

Custom T-Shirts

  • ... and merch, if you choose
  • 40% donated from each purchase
  • Various options, set up fees apply

Share Your Story

  • Social media sharing made easy
  • Blog your updates
  • Engage with supporters

Hassle Free

  • We handle all payments + fulfillment
  • Orders shipped immediately
  • Automatic monthly payouts for you

100% Human

  • Great customer service
  • Speedy responses
  • One on one graphic design

Product Fundraising

We're here to offer something new

Gone are the days of selling wrapping paper and cookie dough to support a cause near and dear to your heart.

What makes the difference...

  • High-quality super soft tees, hoodies + so much more
  • Merch your supporters will love to keep or gift
  • 40% of each purchase is donated to your cause


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Custom T-Shirts + More

Boost support with your own design

Adding custom products to your CausePage is an easy, collaborative effort between you and us. Set up fees apply.

The ultimate conversation starter...

  • Uniquely designed for you and your cause
  • Generates "post-worthy" content to share online
  • Outfits supporters in solidarity 

Spy a CAUSETEAM message that fits your cause to a “tee?”

Go ahead, adopt our design (free of charge) and use it to do some good!


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What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations, helping to create just the right fundraiser for your cause. They provide quality products, word hard to customize to your needs, and provide excellent customer service!

A. Snyder

What People Are Saying

Fundraising for our adoption via CAUSETEAM was easy, successful, and meaningful. We have purchased nearly every type of product and each item is quality! In fact, the t-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts are the comfiest clothes in my wardrobe!

K. Dejong

What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM was great to work with! They helped create a design for our apparel and set up our CausePage exactly the way we wanted. They were always available to answer questions or provide support throughout our campaign.

B. Appleton

What People Are Saying

Thank you and your team for all the work you guys did for our fundraiser. We very much appreciate it. You made the fundraiser easy. We loved all our products!

E. Willey