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Online Fundraising

Custom Shops

Bulk T-Shirts 

Fundraising to do some good or simply need some really great custom merch? We've got you covered.


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Let’s Work Together

We offer three options. Explore them below.

start a causepage

Start A CausePage

Have a good cause? Raise money with an online fundraiser that combines crowdfunding and product fundraising with CAUSETEAM branded merch and optional custom-designed merch.


custom shop

Open A Custom Shop

Want a simple, one-stop online shop exclusively for your custom merch? We'll handle the logistics and get your merch into supporter's hands, hassle-free. 

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Far from being a one-size-fits-all kind of company, we take any size bulk product order, turn it around quickly, and with great customer service.

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Shop + Give

Doing some good has never been easier. 40% of every purchase helps someone. Always.

Find a Cause to Support

So many people, doing so much good.

What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM is quick to respond and to produce t-shirts immediately. I strongly recommend their services to promote your cause or group as I deeply admire and appreciate their purpose to serve others with the profits.


What People Are Saying

One of the best funding platforms for cause-minded folks that I've seen!


What People Are Saying

What a top-notch organization. CAUSETEAM is the ticket to your next fundraising campaign!


Our Story

This guy and I… We’ve never really done anything the conventional way, or necessarily the safe, low-risk way, and certainly not the easy way. I keep saying that someday I’ll write a book… mostly because I think it’s important to note and keep close at heart just how God has worked in our lives, especially throughout our adoption process, and starting this business because they are intertwined… and because God is here. This is His work, this is His path for us, there’s absolutely no mistake in that – and we are grateful.