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Message: Families don't have to match

Message: Hope for one,  and whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me (Matthew 18:5)

Message: It's only impossible until it's done

Message: I will not leave you as orphans  I will come to you (John 14:18)

Message: Love makes a family

Message: Love transcends miles and minutes

Message: Moving mountains to cross an ocean (one less)

Message: I carry your heart with me (Matthew 18:5)

Message: The truth is, love makes a family

Message: Jeremiah 29:10-11

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Churches + Youth Groups

Message: All in

Message: Be the hands and feet of Jesus

Message: Better together

Message: Camp Emmanuel

Message: Help Haiti, send chickens

Message: Jesus is my rock, that's how I roll

Message: You matter to God

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Message: All fore one

Message: Bike to fight

Message: Gator

Message: Reading & Giving & Making a Difference

Message: Ride Strong for a Cure

Message: St. Patrick's Day Parade

Message: Winfield, IA

Message: Kurty Birdie

Message: I hiked the pal.

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Message: ALC Handle This

Message: A-Squared

Message: Be Brave Heart

Message: Beckett Strong

Message: Breathe #ShankDaddy

Message: Cheers to Charlotte Rose

Message: Embrace the Suck

Message: Grant and his Gang

Message: Learn from the waves and let the tides take you to where you're meant to be.

Message: Mad Love

Message: Marsha

Message: A New Heart, A New Start

Message: No one fights alone

Message: Rally 4 Rush

Message: Reed Cross

Message: Let us run with endurance the race set before us

Message: Shaun Strong

Message: Stronger than cancer

Message: We won't sugar coat it, epilepsy sucks

Message: Team Jeremiah #PKUawareness

Message: Her fight is our fight #teamangie 

Message: Tough like Easton

Message: Trust the Lord with all of your heart 

Message: Warrior we all fight together 

Message: We have a hero, we call him John Henry

Message: Hoops for Hope.

Message: In Hime I Rise

Message: It takes a village to build a family. (IVF)

Message: Stephen Strong

Message: Love & Care

Message: Hope

Message: In him I rise 

Message: Hope

Message: Be Like Debbie

Message: Everything in the universe is with you

Message: Riding with Reed

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Message: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news

Message: Be joyful in hope

Message: Go

Message: Go. Serve. Love.

Message: He said to them

Message: Hope

Message: Light to my path.  Psalm 119:105

Message: When love and Haiti collide

Message: Peace

Message: Uganda

Message: Under his wings

Message: Until the whole world hears

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Message: Foster Hope. Foster Growth. Foster Change. Foster Love. Foster Care. 

Message: Be strong & courageous 

Message: Be kind to your mind

Message: Do small things with great love

Message: Every person.  Every Story, matters.

Message: Food fighter #PKU

Message: Humans are not for sale

Message: Humor is my superpower

Message: pheNOMENAL #PKU

Message: Rare yet everywhere 

Message: This is my pediatric cancer-fighting shirt

Message: Strong. Hopeful. Rare. #PKU

Message: Super Super Girl Power

Message: When you understand your purpose, your purpose will overtake the pain.

Message: Until the work is done

Message: Bosie Angels 

Message: Pack the pantry. Fight hunger. Repeat.

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Message: Your voice matters

Message: Kindness Connects 

Message: Cotty Proud

Message: Chaplin Dhabalt Bros.

Misc. Designs

Message: Aalbers Family Colorado Vacation 

Message: Brew Lik- Brewing Co.

Message: We are your fuel

Message: Good Vibes Cafe

Message: Nostalgia Dirt Series

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