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There are three options, pick one.


Have a good cause? Raise money with an online fundraiser that combines crowdfunding and product fundraising with CAUSETEAM branded merch and optional custom-designed merch.



Want a simple, one-stop online shop exclusively for your custom merch? We'll handle the logistics and get your merch into supporter's hands, hassle-free.



Far from being a one-size-fits-all kind of company, we take any size bulk product order, turn it around quickly, and with great customer service.


Start A CausePage

Easy and effective online fundraising

A CausePage is an online fundraising campaign for good causes; a place to share your story, a page completely dedicated to your cause.  We'll give you a link to share, making it ultra-easy to invite others to support your efforts in doing good.  

It's Crowdfunding + Product Fundraising (our branded merch) + Custom T-Shirts if you want them. 

Ideal for someone who has...

  • Fundraising goals
  • Supportive networks
  • Social media accounts
  • 100% commitment

Recommended campaign length: 30, 60, or 90 days.  Ready to learn more?


Start a causepage

Open A Custom Shop

Outfit Your Team or Group

A Custom Shop is a page where you can sell your merch online, exclusively your merch. We’ll work with you on your logo or design and handle absolutely every logistic. You simply have to promote the link. Do you want that link code embedded on a website you already own and operate? We can make that happen, too. Just ask. 

Product options: Tees, Sweatshirts, Drinkware, Blankets & More.

Most useful for...

  • Coaches & Teams
  • Family Reunions
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Events

Recommended shop length: 7-14 days.  Ready to learn more?


Open A Custom Shop

What's the Difference?



Product fundraising (40% donated back)
Crowdfunding (100% donated)

Fees do apply with custom apparel. (But free if you opt out of custom merch!)

  • Need design help? No problem, we've got real human talent on hand.
  • CausePage campaigns typically run 60 or 90 days - but can go longer.

Custom Shop

Sell your custom branded merch, exclusivily.

There are no fees, but we do have an order minimum of 24 apparel pieces. Typically a custom shop is not used for fundraising, however, it can be done. So, just ask!

  • It's ideal for sports teams, family reunions, businesses for ‘staff apparel’, etc.
  • Typically shops are open 7 to 14 days and orders ship 1-2 weeks after close.

There is a lot of flexibility on price points and items offered.

Bulk T-Shirts + More

You have options, lots of them

With our huge variety of products, styles, and price points, whatever your bulk need is, we got you covered.

Often necessary for...

  • Staff
  • Teams
  • Camps
  • Volunteers
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Event Participants

Ready to learn more?


Request a quote

What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM has a special place in our hearts. When we were worried about how to gain support and struggled with fundraising, they were the answer to our prayer. Now we can focus more on our missions.


What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM has been amazing to work with in raising funds for World Wide Village - a non-profit organization near and dear to my heart. Their products are unique and fun. Their staff is fantastic, and I would highly recommend them if you're looking for a fun way to raise funds!

K. Anderson


We heard great things about prior to selecting someone to produce our company t-shirts and we were super impressed! The process was easy, the shirts turned out great (and are super soft to boot!), and we can now print shirts and order any time we need them. We felt the devotion and care that this company has for its customers.

J. Frank


The order is perfect! Everything looks great as usual.