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All-In-One Platform

A CausePage offers custom t shirt fundraising + crowdfunding all in one easy to use platform. With a variety of features, it's easy to post updates + view your supporter list.

40% of every purchase and 100% of cash donations (minus standard credit card fees) are donated to your verified good cause.

What makes a CausePage Successful:

  • Launching on behalf of someone
  • Offering a custom CauseTee + merch to supporters
  • Consistently promoting to a large, social savvy network


Recommended campaign length: 30, 60, or 90 days.

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T Shirt Fundraising

Custom CAUSETEES | 40% donated

Our high-quality, super soft t shirts, crews, and hoodies give 40% back while on the backs of your family and friends! We offer a collaborative experience with our in-house design team who is sure to create your next favorite t shirt design.

Stocking fees apply with our print + ship, on demand, hassle-free approach. Fees are based off of design colors: 

  • One Color: $100 
  • Two+ Color: $200 

Once you approve your design, we will offer it on a wide variety of styles + colors of our stock apparel.



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Gabriels Light CauseTee
Wheel Big Love CauseTee
Super Nash CauseTee
Keas to the Cure CauseTee

Raised 17k+


Since Lilian Hankemeirer's cancer diagnosis of T-Cell Lymphoma, she has received more than 'just a lil love'. Through the power of custom t shirts and crowdfunding, this CausePage raised over $17,000+.

Benefits of Custom T Shirts:

Visibility and Awareness: CauseTees serve as walking billboards for your cause, spreading awareness wherever they are worn. They spark conversations and attract  attention, amplifying your message.


Unity + Support: Wearing a custom t shirt creates a sense of unity and solidarity among supporters. It shows that they are part of a community rallying behind a common cause, fostering a strong support network.


Fundraising Potential: T shirts are a popular and tangible item that people are willing to purchase to support a cause they believe in. They offer a practical way for supporters to contribute financially while receiving something in return. (We promise your supporters are going to love our super-soft tees!)





The Power of Customization:

Personalized Messaging: Custom t shirts allow you to convey your message creatively. You can include personalized slogans, artwork, or quotes that resonate with your audience and align with your cause.


Free Graphic Design: If you seek creative assistance, no problem! Our talented design team is on board to take your idea to a level that will set your t shirt fundraiser apart from anything else. Once the design is approved, choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to cater to all types of supporters.


Emotional Connection: A CauseTee creates a deeper emotional connection with supporters. They feel a sense of ownership and pride in wearing a shirt that represents a cause they care about, strengthening their commitment.


By harnessing the benefits of custom t shirts and leveraging the power of a all-in-one fundraising platform, the 'Just a Lil Love' CausePage has not only raised significant funds but also united a community in love and support for Lilian Hankemeirer's journey. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and fundraising success tips!


Custom T Shirts

Custom T Shirts

  • Free graphic design
  • Promotes awareness + support
  • Print on demand (stocking fees apply)
Product Fundraising

Product Fundraising

  • 40% donated from each purchase
  • Includes your merch + CAUSETEAM's
  • High-quality apparel + product options


  • Cash only donations
  • No platform fees
  • Easy way for supporters to give

Totally Human

Totally Human

  • No bots, real intellegence
  • Phone, email, in-person convos
  • 'Midwest nice' customer service
Hassle Free


  • We handle all payments + fulfillment
  • Orders shipped immediately
  • Automatic monthly payouts for you


Share Your Story

  • Social media sharing made easy
  • Blog your updates
  • Engage with supporters

Fundraising Strategies:

Maximizing efforts through a t shirt fundraiser requires a strategic approach. Here are some key tips and best practices to enhance your fundraising success:

Promoting Campaigns: Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your t shirt fundraiser. Share engaging content, including photos, videos, and stories that highlight your cause and the impact of donations.


Engaging Supporters: Engage with your supporters regularly by providing updates on the progress of your campaign (a feature included in your CausePage dashboard), sharing success stories, and expressing gratitude for their contributions.


Setting Fundraising Goals: Set clear and achievable fundraising goals for your t shirt fudnraiser. Communicate these goals to your supporters and track progress to maintain momentum and motivation. (We can always increase your goal after it's achieved, as we like to fudnraise in "phases" so the supporters feel the are moving the needle.)


Leveraging Marketing Channels: Use email marketing to reach out to your existing supporters and potential donors. Craft compelling and personalized emails that highlight the impact of their contributions and encourage them to participate in the t shirt fundraiser.


By implementing these strategies and leveraging various marketing channels effectively, you can maximize the success of your t shirt fundraising campaign and generate more significant support for your CausePage.


Q: What is the normal timeline of a CausePage?

A: We generally recommend timelines of 30,60 or 90 days.

The timeline of a CausePage, your personal fundraising page, should provide supporters plenty of time to get involved - but not too much time. You still need to create a sense of urgency for supporters to act.  We generally recommend timelines of 30, 60, or 90 days. Keep in mind that you can always extended or restart your t shirt fundraiser, if necessary.

Q: How do supporters get their orders?

A: Orders are shipped on demand, as they are ordered.

This gets your great custom design and high-quality, super-comfortable merch out in the world for people to wear (and see!) right away. Your early supporters end up being your biggest promoters and help create some buzz for others to also ‘want that shirt’, which of course, creates even more support for your t shirt fundraiser.

Q: How do we get the money that is raised?

A: You don't have to request funds.

Payments are automatically sent on the 15th of every month, by check, to the beneficiary for the prior month's net donations.

Q: How can I thank supporters?

A: As the CausePage Leader, you have access to the full supporter list. 

As appropriate, you should thank supporters publicly (Facebook shout outs!) and privately as you'd like. You can access the supporter list in your dashboard and export the information needed.



Success Reps

They truly are the backbone of our support system, dedicated to guiding and empowering t shirt fundraisers throughout their journey. From the moment you start your CausePage fundraising campaign until its successful completion, our Success Reps are there to offer personalized assistance and expertise.

Comprehensive Guidance: Our Success Reps provide personalized support and guidance throughout your online fundraising journey, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities of fundraising and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Expert Advice: Receive expert advice on t shirt fundraising strategies, campaign planning, and donor engagement. Our Success Reps are equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions and maximize your fundraising potential.

Design Assistance: Collaborate with our in-house design team to create captivating and effective designs for custom t-shirts + more. Our Success Reps ensure that your designs reflect your cause and resonate with your supporters, enhancing the success of your campaign.

Ongoing Support: Benefit from ongoing support and assistance from our Success Reps throughout your t shirt fundraiser. They are available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer solutions to any challenges you may encounter. Our Success Reps are committed to your success and will go above and beyond to support you every step of the way.

Unique Resources: Access unique resources and tools tailored to help you succeed. From marketing assistance and social media strategies to fundraising best practices and networking opportunities, our Success Reps provide valuable resources that empower you to run a successful and impactful t shirt fundraising campaign.

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Complete this form and a Success Rep will make a 'midwest nice' intro and get the ball rolling.

What people are saying

Thank you for helping raise money for my husband Bob, it was a success! He would be so humbled by everyone who ordered shirts.

M. Bonzer

What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations, helping to create just the right fundraiser for your cause. They provide quality products, word hard to customize to your needs, and provide excellent customer service!

A. Snyder

What People Are Saying

Fundraising for our adoption via CAUSETEAM was easy, successful, and meaningful. We have purchased nearly every type of product and each item is quality! In fact, the t shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts are the comfiest clothes in my wardrobe!

K. Dejong

What People Are Saying

CAUSETEAM was great to work with! They helped create a design for our apparel and set up our CausePage exactly the way we wanted. They were always available to answer questions or provide support throughout our campaign.

B. Appleton

What People Are Saying

Thank you and your team for all the work you guys did for our fundraiser. We very much appreciate it. You made the fundraiser easy. We loved all our products!

E. Willey