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Dear kids ... Love, Mom.

Dear kids ... Love, Mom.

Hey there little loved ones… Can you believe our summer is coming to an end? This is our last full week of no commitments.  Except for Annie and Nelson… I know you’ve been working so hard already these last couple of weeks with your volleyball and football teams.  I hope you know how very much I admire your hard work and dedication – Those early morning lifting sessions, long practices, and grueling conditioning.  You haven’t complained once.  I’m so proud of you.

Nelson & Jackson, it was your first full summer home.  So many firsts… your first roller coasters, water parks, swimming pool passes, lake time, water skiing, boating, tubing, too many trips to Dairy Queen… you even dabbled in baseball. I hope it’s been fun for you. I know it has been fun for me and dad to watch you do those things. And Joey, you’ve been dribbling that basketball around constantly.  I admit at times it drives me a tad bit crazy, but I do love how you are striving to get better with that left hand.

I know dad and I have had to work quite a bit (And Annie, I’m SO thankful you’ve spent 20 hours of each week up at CAUSETEAM with us. You’ve been a quick study and invaluable addition to our team this summer.  And Sara, you learned how to jump in and help around here too!  I love that so much!)

To all of you, on those days when I wasn’t able to be home, I appreciate you completing your ‘Love Jobs’ around the house, and I appreciate you helping take care of Tommy and doing fun things with him, like taking him fishing at the Quarry, or taking him to the pool, or the golf course.  He’ll always remember those times… I promise you it’s time well invested.

Recently, the words ‘I’m bored” have crept into your vocabulary, and I know that you feel like you sometimes don’t have anything to do. It’s probably a good sign that you’re ready for school to be back in session. But the good Lord knows we do plenty of running!!  I think sometimes he gives us the gift of chill time, which I yearn for, actually. I hope you learn how to be okay with it too, and eventually, really learn to embrace it.

I really will miss you when you head back to school next week. And even though you are exceptionally great kids, I still want to you to remind you of few things… it’s pretty important stuff:

Please be kind and respectful, work hard and have a good attitude. I hope you are brave and have courage, and if given the opportunity, please stand up for those who need it. And sit with kids at lunch who is sitting alone, okay? Don’t forget to go out of your way for the new kids – make them feel welcome. Most importantly, let your little lights SHINE. Know that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be YOU, it’s okay to let others be THEM. Love them, be compassionate and caring towards them. Be gentle with people, really gentle. Basically, be a good kid, okay? And do your part in making your school a better, safer, more loving place, because really, you CAN make a difference.

I think that’s the biggest thing I want you to know… what you do MATTERS, your actions matter, your words matter, and you CAN make a difference.

I love you so much.


And P.S. for anyone else reading this – Most of these messages? Yeah… you can find them on a CauseTee! 

Be Positive. Think Positive. Wear Positive.