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Bulk Free Shipping

Bulk Free Shipping

Are a substantial number of your supporters local, or do they frequently congregate in the same place?  Is there an upcoming event where many of your supporters will gather? Okay then, let’s offer them free shipping to that location! It’s a great way to create urgency and inspire support for your CausePage. It’s also a great way to connect with supporters in person.

A Bulk Shipping Code is a coupon entered at checkout that provides your supporters with an opportunity to get free shipping and have their order delivered, along with all other orders using the same code, to a central location for pickup (or you can deliver the orders) on a pre-determined date.

A couple of things to keep in mind.

A minimum of $250 in total products must be ordered for CAUSETEAM to cover the shipping of the bulk order. If the total products ordered is under $250, then we require the CausePage Leader to cover the shipping cost.

Also, we recommend that you keep the code open for seven to ten days. This provides supporters with plenty of time to utilize the code but limits the time for them to wait for their orders.

To create a Bulk Free Shipping Code, contact your Success Rep to discuss the details.

Below is a 'sample text' you could use:

Free Shipping: Order by _______, ____ ___ and use coupon code “_______” at checkout to get free shipping and have your order available for pickup from ________ (Name/Address) on or after __________. Please only use this code if you are able to pick up your order.