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Develop a Promotion Plan

Develop a Promotion Plan

Every good campaign needs a good Marketing Plan. But, how are you going to stay in front of supporters through your fundraiser's timeline? You probably have more reasons to communicate with supporters and potential supporters than you might think.

Content Ideas: Post 3-4 times per week

  • Show off your merch:  Buy products and be the first to support your own CausePage, and when you get your goods in the mail, post a photo & talk about your new merch!


  • Challenge Supporters:  If you love your new merch, chances are so will your supporters, so why not ask them to post pictures in them?  If they tag you, you can share it, tag them back and thank them for their support!


  • Utilize your Dashboard:  Log in and hit the ‘Promotion’ tab and scroll down to share ANY of the CAUSETEAM product categories you love. 


  • Consider Important Days 
    • Birthday Ask:  "Hey! Since it’s my 35th birthday, would you consider making a $35 donation?"


  • Give public ‘shout-outs’ thanking donors on social media.  Thanking each supporter in their own post is a great way to make many, many posts! Be sure to tag them and engage in conversation with them in the comments!


  • Have a contest or giveaway.  Here's one idea: Create a post with your CausePage link and provide a short message about your cause.   Then ask your supporters to "share" on Facebook.  Each person who shares the post publicly will be entered to win (x) on (x) day.   (The goal is to increase awareness and engagement for your cause.)


  • Set aside time every day to work on your CausePage.
    • Schedule your posts
      • Suggested times:
        • 7-9am
        • 1-3pm
        • 7-9pm
    • Plan your emails
    • Provide updates
    • Look at the CAUSETEAM products and think about clever ways you can promote them and your CausePage
    • Look for great “photo ops” so you can post those shots later
    • Get creative and have fun