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Gift or sell your custom branded merch

Gift or sell your custom branded merch

We do more than fundraising...

Are you looking for custom branded merch? 

Civco, shown above, is a company that opens a 'Custom Shop' 2-3 times per year, altering the selection to offer new colors and styles, keeping their employees outfitted in the most on-trend, comfy merch year round. (What a work perk!)

Curious about learning more? Hit the button below to explore how to 'Open a Custom Shop' for your business!

Studio on 3rd was interested in an online Custom Shop with branded merch. We adjusted pricing so that 20% of each purchase was donated to a local non-profit. 

Their studio clients love the option of buying high quality apparel items and knowing that 20% is going back to a great cause. (Please note, percentage donated can vary.)

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UnityPoint- while they’ve also used us for bulk tee orders for volunteers events and such, UnityPoint Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Blank Children’s have done something quite different.

They’ve utilized a CausePage, our fundraising platform that gives 40% of purchases back to the cause, giving UP employees fun positive message branded shirts to wear to work in exchange for over well over $100K (over the past 2 years) being donated to the hospital appointed causes.

With the holidays fast approaching our hope is this might spark a little holiday gift giving joy if you are looking to show appreciation for employees orvolunteers. 

So- let's work together, shall we?


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