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Making the Connection

Making the Connection

To create a great story you need to connect with people. You need to grab their attention and share your story in a way that makes them want to be a part of it. You need to make them feel that their contribution really does matter. In doing so, keep in mind these 3 very important things…

1.  Understand your why. 

Why are you actively trying to raise funds? What is the need that you have? Help people know, identify, and connect to that need with specific details about your cause.


2.  Identify the who/what. 

This may sound like an overly simplified tip, but if you want your supporters to really get behind you, it’s so important for people to have a clear vision as to exactly what you are doing and who is being helped with your fundraising efforts. Get as specific as possible.


3.  Identify your passion for your cause.

This is connected to both the why and the who/what.  They say, "You can never lead someone to a place you have never been."  How true this is?!   This is where you show off your personality. Be authentic. Be genuine. Get personal. Everyone wants to see you, and when they see the real person behind the efforts, the connection is much, much easier.