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How It Works

How It Works


It really is a simple concept...

  • Start a CausePage
  • Promote on social media (and any other means you can)
  • Shop + Give
    • High-quality merch your supporters will love 
    • 40% of any product purchase is donated to your cause 
    • Supporters can also donate cash directly (standard processing fees apply)
  • Ships on demand
  • Monthly payouts


But like most things, the details really matter. That’s where CAUSETEAM'S experience and direct, human approach can really help. Every CausePage is assigned a Success Rep which is a friendly, knowledgeable human ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

We also offer tons of added bonuses if they fit your cause – from a variety of custom merch (tees, tote bags, coffee mugs, note cards, and jewelry) to free bulk shipping codes to provide you with deals and promotions to offer your supporters. Oh, and by the way, we offer GREAT customer support.