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Same Quality, Different Price.

Same Quality, Different Price.


Effective January 27th 2022, you will start to notice our signature “super soft” tee, hoodie and crew prices slightly increase. We have kept our prices the same since our company first started in 2014.  Our supplier costs have slowly increased over the years, but still, we tried our best to keep our prices the same. However, this most recent supplier cost increase has made this change necessary to be able to support the quality of products and business we pride ourselves on.

To say we have been dragging our feet on this is an understatement.  As a small business there is so much at stake with this decision, and keeping you, our supporters, top of mind and in the highest regard is at our core. 

For us, this increase supports maintaining our level of quality tees and sweatshirts you know and love, along with helping combat rising prices in every aspect of our business from product costs, shipping costs, and everything in between. I think many industries are experiencing this very thing as well.

We appreciate your support of our small company and your understanding of this increase. This is such a hard thing for a business like ours to do, and it’s because we value our customers so much, we want to be as transparent as possible.  We’re confident our CAUSETEAM family will navigate this change with as much style and grace as our line of beloved merch.

And remember, with each purchase you make at CAUSETEAM, 40% is donated to the cause you choose to support at checkout. And… I guess higher priced items means more of a donation to the cause, so there’s that. 😉

So, thanks in advance for rolling with the punches as we roll with the times to continue providing amazing merch + customer service for years to come.