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Saying Thanks

Saying Thanks


Now that you've done the work creating your CausePage, it's time to go through the checklist:

  • Share your CausePage so it spreads like wildfire. DONE
  • Promote your merch and drive donations.  DONE
  • Repeat and reach your goal.  DONE

Ah, now what?  

It's time to say "thankS!"  Here's how:

Hand-Written Note 

It can seem old-fashioned or maybe overwhelming to put the pen to the paper and say “Thanks,” but it is worth it.  This is a personal way to let someone know that their part in your cause means something to you.  It is also a good time to remind them they are your “hero”!

Start with a friendly greeting and make sure to spell their name correctly.  Express your thanks for their donation and for who they are (they are generous and they care!).  Use simple sentences and feel free to include any heartfelt emotions you have towards their support. Share where you are in your goal currently. Restate your thanks and sign. Send a note quickly as you can after receiving support.

Social Media Shares & Tags

Another option: post to their Facebook wall, write a status update, or give them a shout-out and a tag on Instagram or Twitter.  Just like the hand-written note, keep it simple and heart-felt.  Not only are you giving your Hero a high-five for their support, but also encouraging others to join the cause. 

When your CausePage crosses the finish line, absolutely celebrate with a post and make sure to tag everyone who helped make it happen.

Is doing both too much?

Nah. It’s great to give that quick high-five or chest bump out on social media.  But, if you really want to show heartfelt appreciation, follow up with something more.  You really can't beat a heartfelt hand-written note!


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