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What's a Do-Gooder?

What's a Do-Gooder?


Doing good is universal.

No matter your position or station in life, or what resources you have to offer, we are pretty certain you and or someone you know is engaged in the act of "helping" at least one other person.

A "Do-Gooder" is the best catch-all term we like to group our big-hearted humans into who are dedicated to the work of helping others, be it professional or amateur.  Whether it's through finance, people, or ideas, we are all engaged in moving resources around to support others.  Some people might call these do-gooders the average advocates, the people who care, the individuals just trying to love a little.


we are united in our purpose.

Maybe you identify as a best friend, a co-worker, a parent, a teammate, a family member, the average Joe or Jill, and or a volunteer.

Regardless, we believe there’s something that unites those who care about the greater good and when it comes down to it, we all just want to do some good and as much as possible. We want to see people thrive. We want to address suffering and end poverty.  We want to make an impact.


all do-gooders need feedback.

It's so important that do-gooders consciously surround themselves with people who offer differing perspectives, with vastly different lived experiences and worldviews. The support and challenge offered by our trusted comrades and friendly fellows are who can help individuals, teams, organizations, or systems create and develop the internal knowledge we need to do some good out there. 


Doing good requires a continual source of humility and courage.

In the end, it's our wish for all do-gooders, despite any differences we may have that we surround ourselves with kind and smart and generous people who help us make meaning of our efforts, who push us to reflect and grow and get beyond ourselves with more honesty and courage. No matter how many years we have under our belt, we hope we also don’t ever forget why we first “signed up” for this work: We all just wanted to do some good.  As long as we embrace perseverance, hope, and love, in the end, our legacy will turn to gold.