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As you know, our hearts are forever with Haiti; on the good days and not so good ones.  After learning of the devestating 7.2 magnitude Earthquake that hit on August 14th, there was no delay in our ask for help.

Through our fundraising efforts, the "WITH HAITI" CausePage (online fundraiser) raised $3,900 (our goal was $2,000) and was sent to Haiti via Western Union on Septpember 17th, 2021.  (Talk about doing some good!)

How the money will be spent:

Funds primarily will be used in the Nicola mountain village where extreme poverty is vast. This is not in the heart of where the earthquake hit, however, extensive damage still occurred because of the earthquake, and families there are in such great need.

Lumber and cement bags have already been purchased to help make housing structures more sturdy and provide better roofing.  Homes are different there - most are made out of rocks, sand, wood, sheet metal as very few are cement based because very few can afford it.

A small local school will also receive aid in repairing its structure as cinder blocks cracked directly through the middle on one wall. 

Last but not least, food will be distributed, medical supplies, and for those in need of visiting a clinic, money will be given for transportation and medical expenses. 



Impact Update:

This is Christtela; her husband died at work in the earthquake and as you can imagine, it's been tough for her and her children without him. 

Through your generous donations, Christtela has been provided with sheet metal and supplies to build a home by the end of the year. Currently, she is staying with her mom in Arcahaie.  Christtela also received received 2 chickens, rice, vitamins, milk, cereal for the kids, medications, and money. 


This is Simone. She was very sick when Charles first visited post earthquake. He says, “A miracle happened, God heard our prayers and she's getting her health back.” 

Simone's family received rice, spaghetti, milk, cereal, medications, kids vitamins, chickens, and money.  (Look at those smiles!) 


This is Gina and her family. They received sheet metal, cement, a tarp, medications, food, chickens and money.  Now, as you can see they are ready to rebuild their home thanks to your generosity, in which they are very thankful for. (And so are we!)


So, as you can see... kindness and generosity can make a difference no matter the size of gesture. To those who helped support "WITH HAITI", thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda + John + CAUSETEAM + Haiti 


Do you have a cause that you're looking to do some good towards? A CausePage may be the ticket if you have a network of do-gooders, you're active on social media and are 100% committed.