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Hopeful Mama Foundation

Hopeful Mama Foundation

$519.20 raised of $2,500.00 goal

Feb 27, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024

Hopeful Mama Foundation's mission is support women through their infertility journey by offering fertility financial grants, educational workshops and infertility support groups.

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Hopeful Mama Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to providing support groups, educational workshops, and financial grants to individuals facing infertility. Founded by Emily Patel, Hopeful Mama Foundation was established to leave a personal legacy for her daughters by demonstrating the importance of helping women in similar circumstances.

Hopeful Mama Foundation embodies three core values: advocacy, education, and support. Hopeful Mama Foundation offers both in-person and virtual support groups, regardless of where one may be in their fertility journey.

Over 100 women have registered to be a part of these support groups from all across the country. Educational workshops are offered quarterly and include guest speakers that cover topics such as women's health, infertility, and mental health.

Within Hopeful Mama's first year of existence, we will award fertility grants up to $7,500 in June 2024. The fertility grants are made possible because of YOU and your support of our mission.


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