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Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour
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Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour

Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour

$348.20 raised of $1,000.00 goal

May 31, 2024 to Oct 1, 2024

Join the great Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour! This summer, 36 bookstores unite to bring readers and communities together. Be a part of our mission to celebrate local bookshops and create unforgettable adventures. Support now and make a difference!

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The Great Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour: A Journey of Stories and Community


Once upon a time, in the heartland of America, where the endless fields of corn sway gently in the summer breeze, a spark of magic was about to ignite. Nestled in the towns and cities of Iowa are 36 unique independent bookstores, each with its own story, its own character, and its own community of readers who cherish the printed word.

This summer, these 36 independent bookstores are banding together for the first-ever Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour, a grand adventure designed to bring readers and communities together. Imagine a road trip like no other, where every stop is a haven of stories waiting to be discovered, where each bookstore opens its doors to offer a unique experience – from author readings and signings to book-themed scavenger hunts and community picnics.

The journey will weave through picturesque small towns and bustling cities, encouraging participants to explore the hidden gems of Iowa while fostering a sense of community and togetherness. It’s more than just a road trip; it’s a celebration of the written word, a tribute to the small businesses that nurture our love for reading, and a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.

But this incredible tour cannot happen without your support. Our independent bookstores are the beating hearts of our communities, but they need our help to bring this dream to life. We’re asking you to join us on this adventure, to support our local bookshops by purchasing merch, thus donating to our cause. Your contributions will help cover the costs of organizing the tour, creating engaging events, and ensuring each bookstore can participate fully.

There’s an urgency to our call. Independent bookstores are more than just places to buy books; they are community hubs, cultural landmarks, and sanctuaries for readers. In an age where digital dominates, these bookstores remind us of the simple, irreplaceable joy of holding a book in our hands and getting lost in its pages. By supporting the Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour, you’re not just helping these bookstores; you’re preserving a vital part of our culture and community.

Every dollar counts, and every contribution brings us one step closer to making this tour a reality. Imagine a summer where every weekend is an adventure, where you can explore the beauty of Iowa while diving into new stories, meeting fellow book lovers, and supporting the local businesses that make our communities vibrant and unique.

Join us in making this great Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour an unforgettable journey. Donate today and be part of a story that will inspire and connect us all. Let’s come together to celebrate our love for books, our passion for local businesses, and our commitment to community.

Support the Iowa Indie Bookshop Tour Today

Be a part of something special. Help us bring readers and communities together for a summer of stories, adventure, and connection. Your support will make all the difference.

Together, let’s write the next chapter.



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