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$6,061.00 raised of $10,000.00 goal

Nov 1, 2022 to Mar 16, 2023
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The Vineyard School in Rwanda is committed to "foster hope in God within the inner-city neighborhoods of Kicukiro by providing youth with a remarkable, God-centered education." We want to provide a place for every child within our community to gain a quality education, no matter their economic background. Our desire is to have our campus be a place overflowing with love. To be a place where children can find solice from the challenges their families face. 

The school began with 11 students in 2016. Today, there are nearly 250 students. We have been thrilled with this growth, but it brings with challenges with space. We are running out of space to provide a quality learning environment for every child. This a great problem to have, but a challenge nonetheless. 

In September of this year we were granted a permit to begin the building of 3 additional classrooms and a new kitchen. With a previous financial donation we were able to begin this process. However, our funds have now slowed leaving us with unfinished classrooms. 

This fundraiser was planned to help us finish those classrooms so we could hopefully gain our final school accreditation. 

One week before the launch of our fundraiser we had a major setback. A strong storm moved through the area ripping the temporary roof off of our new classrooms. It left significant damage and devestation to the entire community. It also caused us to take a significant step backwards in the develop of our new buildings. This only increases our commitment to this fundraiser. 

Your investment in this fundraiser will assist us in fixing the damage done from the storm, as well as get the classrooms finished so they can withstand future storms. All of our other buildings withstood little damage. That increases our desire to get this projoect finished as soon as possible. 

Our desire is to continue to grow into a school that provides nursery-secondary education. To continue to see our originial group of students, from 2016, continue their education up to their secondary graduation. 

This school is not only a place for children to gain an education, but also to have a safe, healthy place where they know, without a doubt, that they are loved and valued. Our staff is passionate about loving every single child and investing in their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

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March 9, 2023 Reopening Fundraiser

Reopening Fundraiser

We've decided to reopen this fundraiser to help us move closer to our goal. Funds from this fundraiser will go towards our school development ministry area.


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Vineyard School Assembly

Students at The Vineyard School during morning assembly

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