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starting a causepage - SIMPLE, HONEST FEES!

We want to help you to reach your fundraising goals and do some good. Period. So, we keep our fees as low as possible to maximize the amount of money you raise…and keep.

Note: We only mention fees pertaining to a CausePage because for Custom Shops there are no fees. And, Bulk t-shirt + other merch orders are quoted per project.

Here's what you can expect with a CausePage regarding fees:

  • Setup Fee: Nothing (unless you want custom merch)
  • Monthly Fee: Nope
  • Withdrawal Fee: Absolutely not.
  • Platform Fee: Zip, Zilch, Zero, Nada
  • Credit Card Processing Fee: 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction

Note: The credit card processing fee applies to the full amount of both cash donations and product purchase transactions. 

Want to add custom t-shirts + other merch to your CausePage?

For CausePage merch (both our branded items and your custom items), we print on demand. This means designs have to be in-house and ready to print as soon as orders come in to support your cause. So yes, there is a stocking fee if you want a custom t-shirt design. But in a way, you get that back. Hang with us and read on.

  • Graphic design help: Free
  • Design stocking fee: $100 
  • Store credit: $50

Note: We want you to be the first to shop to support your own CausePage, so after your stocking fee is paid, just reach out, and your Success Rep will set you up with the coupon code you need to get that $50 discount on your first purchase.



We took the best online fundraising ideas and combined them into one, full-featured, easy and effective platform.

  • Product Fundraising (with merch people will LOVE)
  • Custom T-Shirt Fundraising (optional)
  • Crowdfunding


how is causeteam effective? 

Think about the times you've donated to a cause through a crowdfunding-only website. Did you go back and add another donation later? Most people would say no. 

Product fundraising combined with Crowdfunding works.

Custom t-shirt fundraising works.

Time and time again, we've seen a supporter become one who supports the same cause over, and over, and over again.

How? They frequently return to CAUSETEAM to buy merch, note cards, jewelry, and other great products throughout the year.  If they try one t-shirt, they come back for a drawer-full more. (Yes, they are that great!) And... when they buy anything, they have to support someone.  It might as well be your cause, right?!  

Note: Product fundraising helps expand your giving network beyond your closest family and friends. 

For example, Aunt Judy is going to support any fundraiser that you do, right?  But, Aunt Judy’s friends may not be as interested…unless they see a great product that Judy purchased through the fundraiser. They are all in and they, too, just became a supporter.