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Early momentum leads to long-term success.  So, the goal for the first couple of days should be to make a significant dent in your fundraising goal, build momentum, and get your CausePage in front of as many people as possible.


So, here's what you need to do, TODAY:

Be the First to Support

Getting your CausePage off zero is super important. Make a small donation or buy your favorite product. Not only does it get the ball rolling, but if you order products, it gives you even MORE to talk (and post) about once you receive those products and love them!


Engage your Go-Getters

Hopefully, you've recruited a small group of Go-Getters to support and promote your CausePage.  (You can read more about what we mean here.)  

 Share your Discount Code.

Give a little more incentive for your super supporters to donate or purchase products in the beginning by sharing an exclusive discount code, valid for 48-hours only.  If you're not sure what your discount code is, contact your Success Rep.


Post on Social Media

It's so easy: Go to your CausePage and click the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the page.  Your social sharing image and link will pop up and you can explain what you're raising money for in your post description. Don't worry, we'll send you some social media tips later on in this series to help you with post content.



Great social media doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not just a sprinkle of mentions and a pinch of evergreen content. There’s no magical social media recipe, sadly. Great social media is like any other marketing strategy – carefully crafted, measured, managed, and founded on a strong and clear strategy.

 From content to timing and all helpful tools in-between, we have a few blog posts you might want to read in-between sips of coffee (or wine if that's your thinking juice) to help put extra intent behind your fundraising efforts. 


Plan a Social Strategy

Do you have your first social media post ready to go in your mind? How about a whole month's worth of posts prepped with intent and suggested timing?

Being prepared even in these "small' yet big areas is so important to getting your CausePage ready to launch.

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms as they allow you to share your story to everyone you know, along with the world's best merch, ever! 

Not sure how to get started?

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Crafting Content 

Every good campaign needs a good marketing plan. But, how are you going to stay in front of supporters through your fundraiser's timeline? You probably have more reasons to communicate with supporters and potential supporters than you might think.. We've outlined a handful of topics to consider when writing out your planned social media content. 

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Social Media Toolkit 101

 To deliver on your strategic CausePage vision you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends, practices, and tools.  Below is a short read of tools that just may make your load easier and pave the way for greater impact in your CausePage campaign.

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Never underestimate the power of a sincere and well-crafted email.  While social media can be one of the very best ways to share your CausePage and tell your story, sending emails definitely still has its place in fundraising promotion.

 Brush up on some best practices for using email with this blog post to engage your supporters with your fundraising goals.  You'll be surprised what can happen after you click "send".

Wondering what to include other than your story?

Share the multiple ways to give, CAUSETEAM has something for everyone!

  • Shop + Give: 40% of any purchase made from our branded merch or your custom design will be donated back to your cause.


  • 'Link' two-and-two Together: When providing updates throughout your journey, make it a rule of thumb to always provide your CausePage link so supporters know exactly where to go to help.


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Community management means building relationships with your supporters by engaging with them on social media and ensuring that supporters who donate, make purchases on behalf of your CausePage, or share your story feel valued and appreciated.

The key: Listen. Engage. Every single day.  Why? Your supporters, financial or otherwise, are excited to have access to you on a human level. It all goes back to connection. 

Things to keep in mind...


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Now that you've done the work creating your CausePage, it's time to go through the checklist:

  • Share your CausePage so it spreads like wildfire.  DONE
  • Promote your merch and drive donations.  DONE
  • Repeat and reach your goal.  DONE

Ah, now what?  

It's time to say "thanks" . . . here's how.

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